Medical Supplements - Woman in Wheelchair

Medical Supplements

Henderson Insurance Group provides coverage for the wide range of supplemental insurance policies and medical supplements that have become important and even necessary in today’s world.

Supplemental insurance provides an additional layer of security for individuals, families, or businesses in the event of sickness or injury. Depending upon your particular health insurance plan, the entirety of your medical expenses may not be covered.

Supplemental insurance is a cost-effective way to give you direct payment in the event of an unexpected health or medical procedure. Supplemental policies pay you directly and quickly and can be used to pay medical and nursing expenses, utility bills, groceries and other general, everyday living expenses.

Here are some of the plans that we offer which provide additional coverage:

  • Accident Coverage
  • Cancer Coverage
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Hospital Confinement Coverage
  • Income Protect

Call us today for help in choosing the best supplemental plans for you, your family, or business!