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With the complexity of our current health care system, the right health insurance can be overwhelming to choose from. Due to the hundreds of options and variables at play, you may well be asking which make sense for you, your family, or your business.

Henderson Insurance Group can help! We have been a health insurance agent serving Franklin, Walpole, and other Massachusetts communities since 2009 and can guide you through the entire process from assessment to enrollment and beyond.

First, we start with a thorough evaluation of your needs and then provide quotes from qualified health care providers. Next, we’ll help match you to the best quality and most affordable options and then lastly, assist with the enrollment process. We’ll check at various intervals to evaluate the need for any changes and then advise you accordingly.

Whether searching for individual health insurance, insurance for the self-employed, family health insurance, or even health insurance for your business, Henderson offers you personalized expertise. By contrast, this information is not available from any online quoting company or from the state-run marketplace. We take the time to get to know you and your needs, and we can always be reached. We act as your personal insurance agent filling all your health insurance needs, except that, because we’re brokers, we have access to dozens of carriers. Our compensation comes directly from them, which means that our services are FREE to you, our clients. You’ll receive the same rates posted by the state-run marketplace.

Individual Health Plans

Like any other kind of insurance, individual health plans can be hard to choose. Given your age and health profile a range of options are possible. The question of monthly premiums, deductibles and co-pays also comes into play. A catastrophic-only plan is one choice and at the other end, comprehensive coverage with low out-of-pocket costs. Which one should you choose and why? Henderson Insurance Group can help match you to the best plan for your individual needs.

Family Plans

The health needs of a family are often complex. Known factors are one thing, but accounting ahead of time for the unexpected is quite another.  Henderson Insurance Group is here to help you choose a plan appropriate to the varying needs of your family members. We’ll talk premiums, in, versus out-of-network, co-pays, medication coverage, deductibles, and so on. In the end we’ll match you with an affordable plan that covers all the bases. We have a vast number of carrier plans to choose from, so your options won’t be limited. In the end, we’ll assist you with the enrollment process and track you over the long haul to ensure that your coverage remains suitable.

Business Plans

Health insurance is one of the top priorities of employees. Other than vacation time, it’s at the top of the list and can even be a factor in which employees your company attracts. Therefore, choosing among the various business insurance plan options is a serious matter. Once you figure out what’s important to them, deciding which of the health plans will best match the majority of their needs is next. Preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) will be among your options, and we can help you understand these and the huge variety of other factors at play in these decisions.

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