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Dental and Vision Plans

Even though many health insurance plans recently eliminated both dental and vision plans from their coverage, caring for your mouth and eyes is critical to maintaining your overall health. Because dental and vision coverage used to be a common part of most overall health plans, it brought down costs. Now, however, it’s necessary to purchase those plans as stand-alone coverage. Often because people believe coverage is too expensive, they skimp and go without. The results can be disastrous.

The question may still remain how you can find affordable coverage and also, how much coverage is enough.

Henderson Insurance Group can help answer those questions. Affordable plans can cover both preventative care and treatment, thereby lessening the chances that mouth and vision issues will develop. Most plans cover routine dental cleanings but may also cover all or a portion of costs related to root canals, fillings, and extractions. On the vision side, Henderson Insurance Group can match you with plans to cover vision screenings as well as corrective lenses – glasses and contact lenses.

The right plans for you and your family are important. Henderson Insurance Group can help match you to comprehensive care. These dental and vision plans cover everything involving both prevention and treatment.  To begin with, we’ll listen carefully to your needs, matching you to the appropriate coverage, and then finally, we’ll assist you with the sometimes tedious enrollment process.

Let Henderson Insurance Group match you to the best dental insurance and vision plans for you! Contact us today!

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